St Marys CBGS alumnus elected Lord Mayor

Published: 11/06/2013

Belfast City Council have elected St Mary’s CBGS alumnus as the Lord Mayor.

Guíonn pobal Scoil Mhuire na mBráithre Críostaí gach rath agus bláth ar iar-scoláire na scoile Mairtín Ó Muilleoir as a cheapachán mar Ard-Mhéara ar Bhéal Feirste. Is iar-bhall de Chumann Gaelach na scoile é Mairtín agus is cinnte go rachaidh a thaithí dhomhanda agus a obair idirnáisiúnta chun tairbhe do mhuintir Bhéal Feirste.
Sinn Fein’s Máirtín Ó’Muilleoir left St Mary’s in 1977.Over the past number of years Máirtín has supported the St Mary’s efforts to build a £2m sports development. He organised a breakfast in New York City which was attended by past pupils from across the East Coast of the United States.
Máirtín who is managing director of Belfast Media Group and publisher of the US-based Irish Echo, said he would aim to deliver more jobs and a greater peace dividend for working class communities in Belfast.
He said: “In the year ahead I want the help of all our citizens to make Belfast better. My theme for my year in office will be building the future Belfast together.
Máirtín was a member of the council for a decade until 1997, before quitting politics to go into business.
The fluent Irish speaker wrote a book, The Dome of Delight, documenting his experiences as a Belfast councillor during the tense 1980s when there were fist fights and bitter exchanges between unionist and nationalist representatives.
Mr Ó’Muilleoir has stepped away from his business interests for the duration of his term as Lord Mayor.
“I will make respect my watchword during the year. I will stretch myself,” he added.
Máirtín returned to politics as a representative for Balmoral in south Belfast in 2011 but becoming Lord Mayor was never top of his agenda.
Among his first engagements will be welcoming US president Barack Obama to Belfast ahead of the G8 summit later this month.
Principal Mr Jim Sheerin would like to take this opportunity to wish Máirtín all the best in his new office.
He is the first past pupil to hold this office and I can think of no more energetic and conscientious person to represent all the citizens of Belfast.

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