Mandela Day - EREBB

In preparation for Mandela Day (5th May 2016), 10D worked on projects describing Mandela’s early life, work, arrest and presidency. This date also marks the feast of Blessed Edmund Rice and the pupils were able to draw comparisons between Nelson Mandela and Edmund Rice’s concern for the oppressed as part of their Edmund Rice Education Beyond Borders (EREBB) work.


8E also played a major role in the school’s EREBB initiative. They recently began correspondence with our partner school in Sydney, St. Pius X College, which is also an Edmund Rice school. The correspondence began with 8E explaining what it meant to them to be part of an Edmund Rice school and they were emailed responses from the Year 7 boys from St. Pius’. We know this is the beginning of a regular communication network between the two schools and our next step will be to take part in a Skype chat between the two schools. Many thanks to Mr. Herron for arranging this correspondence and putting us in touch with St. Pius X College.